New Students:

All students must be evaluated into their levels.  Please contact the studio via email, phone, or in person to schedule evaluation classes.

Class Placement

  • Upon registration, class placement is determined by age, physical development, and level of previous training.
  • Once level placement is initially determined, student will be monitored regarding  class participation, attendance, progress, attentiveness, ability, attitude, growth, and consistency.
  • All placement decisions are made, strictly regarding the best interest of each individual student.
  • Class placement decisions are at the discretion of the teachers and the director of The Rock Center for Dance.
  • Each student progresses at their own rate, and not that of their friends.
  • Two students of the same age and years of experience may have completely different capabilities.
  • Negative issues regarding class placement will inhibit a student’s progress.
  • Students placed in their correct level become solid in their technical training.
  • Dance levels are not like grades at school. Students may remain in the same level for 2-3 years before they are physically and mentally ready to accept the challenges of the next level.

May 2017 Evaluations for Fall 2017 Class Level Placements
Student Evaluations 2017

Summer Student Evaluations for Fall 2017 Class Level Placements

Summer 2017 Student Evaluations for Fall

FALL 2017 – Full schedule PDF