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What's so special about
The Rock Center for Dance?

We chase big dreams and teach the tools needed to achieve them!  People ask if there is something in the water at The Rock?  Yes!  the water is abundant with passion, respect, love, hard work, perseverance, discipline, collaboration, knowledge, generosity, creativity, and talent!  We develop amazing humans... who also happen to develop into incredible dancers! You cannot become the dancer without the human part.

We are committed to our students!  We believe they can do anything they set their minds to. They can aim to achieve artistic and technical excellence while continuing to laugh and play.   
We love and respect dance and have experienced the magic of what is possible! But the true magic is not the achievement, it is what we experience and learn every single day! 

Join us at THE ROCK CENTER FOR DANCE, and experience the transformative power of dance! 

M. I.

We love the Rock!!
We did our research and did trials at other studios when we moved to Las Vegas
Our daughter immediately loved all the teachers and Miss Quinn during summer train.
Miss Quinn took the time to talk to her and ask her what her goals were as a dancer.
Years later, she still takes the time to talk to her. I love that she and all the rock staff care about their students.
I think it's awesome that she gives the opportunity for the older kids to mentor the younger kids and the younger kids get to emulate the older kids.
The front staff are friendly and always helpful. Clean studio.
We're so blessed to be part of the Rock family!

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