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JUNE 5th-9th, 2023

It's here!!! The rock intensive that truly raises the barre!

Our generous faculty of renowned dance masters and exciting guests are preparing to lead this impactful week June 5-9.  For passionate dancers who wish to strengthen their foundation physically and mentally, learn, grow, and discover a higher potential!
With additional focus on wellness and mixed media, our team is excited to excite this young generation of dance artists and innovators.


Deciding what our dancers need is every day. We discuss regularly how to provide the very best for our students and we love to think outside the box with their training!  It all starts with Raising the barre!

Primary - 9:30a-2:00p
Junior/Teen - 12:30-7:00 M/W/F
                          10:30-6:00 T/TH
Advanced Pro - 12:30-7:00 M/W/F
                               10:30-6:00 T/TH

Day rate is available 
Please contact us if you have questions 

Esteemed Faculty 

April Wexelman 
Jim Nowakowski
Marisa Paull Gorst
Gina Pero

Jaclyn Royal
Ashley Cinq-Mars

Suzanne Swanson

Russell Corpis
Dani Maloney

Quinn Callahan

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