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January 2017
Hello ROCK Families!Happy New Year!
It’s time to begin preparations for ROCKSHOW 2017!!!   The 8th annual “ROCKSHOW” is scheduled for June 3-4, 2017 at the beautiful Cashman Center Theatre! The hard-working dance students at The Rock Center for Dance are excited to invite family and friends to see their work onstage and to celebrate dance excellence!ALL ROCKSHOW information will be emailed, as well as posted in 3 locations:
1)  ROCKSHOW Info Facebook page – Please FB request to be a member of this helpful page!
2)  Recital Information Page on our website
3)  ROCKSHOW Information Bulletin Board in the studio lobby.  We expect parents and students to stay connected by checking emails, our website, and in person.  Stay informed and in the know!There will be in-studio rehearsals May 29 – June 1, a tech/dress rehearsal scheduled Friday, June 2, two performances on Saturday, June 3, and one matinee performance on Sunday, June 4.
Choreography will begin this month; however class structure and focus on technique will continue to be the priority.  As with any performance, we want the students to be well- prepared, and at their best; therefore, we request that your child maintain excellent attendance!  If a child falls behind in choreography, they may seek assistance from a classmate or schedule a private lesson.There is a recital participation fee of $50 per child.  This fee helps pay for expenses including the venue and theatre fees, security, lighting, audio and stage technical crew, stage manager, insurance, as well as the extra hours our teachers and staff put in to make the magic happen. This fee is due on or before January 31.  We will automatically run the credit card on file for the $50 fee on February 1.

If your child is unable to participate in recital for any reason we will need an opt-out form (available at the front desk) filled out and returned no later than January 31.

Each performing class will have a costume.  Costume fees will be posted to your account during February.  Payment for recital costumes is due no later than March 1.

Some technique classes, including but not limited to Turns & Leaps, TumblingAcro, and Stretch & Condition will not perform in the ROCKSHOW. Although most classes will perform with their individual class, some classes may perform as part of a production number!  We will soon be posting a show listing of which performance each class is in.

The past 7 incredible years have been just that….incredible!  We are confident yet humbled by the work we do and we are so proud!  We are blessed to have such a community of incredible talent, hard-working eager students, positively supportive parents, and some of the top teachers and choreographers in the nation!

Thank You!  We look forward to a spectacular ROCKSHOW!

Quinn Callahan & The Staff & Faculty at
The Rock Center for Dance


Important ROCKSHOW Dates

January 31                $50 Recital Fee

March 1                     Costume Fees DUE

May 29                      Tech/Dress Rehearsal @ Cashman

June 3 – 4                 SHOW TIME!



Q – What does my $50 recital fee pay for?
A – Venue (Cashman Theatre) for 3.5 days, Security, Insurance, Stage Manager, Lighting Technician, Audio Technician, Janitor/Cleaning Crew,  Extra hours for paid Staff