Predance (Age 3-4)
Predance introduces first steps of both ballet and tap. Students learn primary classroom etiquette and develop rhythm, balance, coordination, flexibility and basic fundamentals.  This class is 40 minutes of ballet, and 20 minutes of tap.

ComboROCK (Age 4-5)
Combodance provides the same structure as Predance, for ages 4-5. This busy class will build a solid foundation in dance technique fundamentals and classroom skills.

Hip Hop ROCK (Age 4-5)
This class is designed as an introduction to Hip Hop. It’s a fun class where kids will learn coordination, rhythm, and how to GROOVE!

Jr Hip Hop (age 5-7)
This class is designed strictly for students to let loose and DANCE! HipHop choreography and freestyle dance promotes coordination, rhythm and confidence. There is one requirement for this class – FUN!

Jr JazzTap (Age 5-7)
Students are introduced to the fundamentals of technique and vocabulary in both Jazz and Tap.  Flexibility, strength and technique are the main focus in jazz.

Jr Ballet (Age 5-7)   One hour lessons in ballet technique. Jr Ballet 2 students attend ballet class twice per week.

Jr Jazz 1a&2 (Age 5-8)
Jr Jazz 1a&2 continue a young dancers training from TapJazz, devoting a full hour to jazz technique including warm-up structure, isolations, contractions, stretch, use of space, musicality, expression, preparations, turns and jumps, choreography…. So much to learn!

Ballet is the foundation of dance! Classes include traditional barre and center work designed to build a strong, beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise.  For a student to make appropriate progress in other dance forms, the study of ballet is necessary.
With sufficient study of ballet, along with proper technique, a strong body, and faculty approval, a student may advance to Pointe work.

Jazz dance encompasses many styles and techniques that have evolved over the years. Jazz class includes full body conditioning, progressions, center work, style and choreography.

Contemporary combines techniques developed from a collection of methods, including ballet and jazz, with a strong emphasis in modern technique. Strength, technique, body awareness, control, coordination and flexibility are utilized within contemporary class choreography

Tap is rhythm and sound, and an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression! In tap class, students will learn and explore rhythm, sound, technique, terminology, style and history.

Turns & Leaps
Class focuses on technique and progressions for turns & leaps as well as core strength and flexibility.

Hip Hop
Hip hop is evolved and diverse and has captured and transformed the dance world.  Influenced by the choreographers who mold it, hip hop can be funky, smooth, hard-hitting, crazy, and just about anything.   Students will have fun letting loose!  learn and explore choreography, including new and old styles and techniques.  We welcome students to just come in and DANCE!

Tumble Acro
Students will learn tumbling and acrobatic skills and technique. The instructor will challenge each student individually, through progressions involving basic skills, strength and flexibility.