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BEST of Las Vegas

Congratulations to ballet legend, Miss Roni Mahler for being awarded the prestigious LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, presented by Rhee Gold.

 We are honored that Miss Mahler chose to share her excellence with students at The Rock Center for Dance.


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Sometimes what is right in front of us, all around us, is the least obvious because we aren’t awake. Happiness is not derived from having a lot. Success does not come from doing too much. Quality is more important than quantity. Less is almost always more. Simplicity is more beautiful than complexity. The long-term has greater meaning than the short term. Excellence comes from commitment not from instant gratification. We usually want everything now. Not because we need it but because we are conditioned to live this way. For dancers and dance makers this means remembering that hard work, sustained training, intense focus, attention to detail, openness to being transformed into a different person and authentic artistic expression will result in a powerful light that no one can turn off or ignore. This path to truth and enlightenment is one that so very few choose to accept…..but we all have the capacity.